Thursday, September 19, 2013

California Dreamin' Day Nine

It’s all about the Yummy Food 

Hilton Inn on Fisherman’s Wharf with a fantastic night view from our window of the financial district… a great city skyline. Sounds like a dreamy place to stay. And it was, sort of. The hotel was under construction so we booked it with a dreamy price. Just had to maneuver through the catacombs to find the front desk to check in… then all was well. Checked in after 9:00 at night and hadn’t had dinner for the day. My travel partners convinced me to muster the courage to walk a few blocks to the wharf to find dinner. It’s a whole new world out there after dark. They assured me we’d be safe… I tend to be the cautious type. All was well and it turned out to be quite the adventure. We walked and walked, ate dinner, then walked and walked again to Ghiradelli Square, our second visit of the trip. Yes, Dad is a chocoholic. But it was great fun. We got back to our hotel after 11:00, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Morning greeted us with almost fresh blueberry muffins and chocolate milk that we’d picked up at a Safeway the day before. This day we would be moving south towards Monterey to set up for the last day of our California Dreamin’ adventure. Before leaving the big city we found our way to South Park Café, a little French restaurant that Dad had scoped out to visit. All week he’s been talking about Pig Salad… does that even sound like something you’d want to eat?! Well we did, and it was delicious. Pork Confit (slow roasted pork) tossed with endive lettuce and sliced apples with a pure Dijon dressing that every third bite would totally clean out my senses with the horseradish. Still it was good. Very good. We actually ordered lemonades to drink rather than our traditional water with lemon. Turns out their lemonade is actually Citron Presse… which is lemon with water… at $2.50 a glass. Who knew? 

With a delicious lunch in our tummies were off on our road trip to the south of France… uh actually to Monterey. We found time to play on the beach in Santa Cruz and see the trees where my butterflies will spend the winter… Natural Bridges State Park.  They will begin their own California Adventure come October. 

On our way to Monterey we came upon Castroville… the artichoke capitol of the world. Emilee is an artichoke diva and with the help of Google found a restaurant with both seafood and artichokes on the menu in the sleepy little town of Moss Landing. What an adventure this turned out to be. A local favorite, it was rockin’. Literally. A live band of old men cowboys played all the oldies loud and long. We chose a seat far from them and settled down to chow down.  Emilee was absolutely in heaven and said so herself. She not only had an artichoke to eat but an entire crab to consume by herself.  “I’ve never had a whole crab to eat by myself before” she declared. It was a long process… Dad and I finished our meal long before she did… (I had Shrimp Scampi and Dad had Sicilian Halibut) so we helped her pick the crab meat… otherwise we might still be there. It was all delicious and a wonderful end to our Yummy Day.

Tomorrow brings our Grand Adventure of the Trip.  Stay tuned!

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