Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes life throws a curve ball that takes awhile to get over.
Such has been my Summer.

I've been running fast to catch up
but just haven't been able to go fast enough.

On occasion I've visited this lonely blog and wondered out loud,
"Is this me? Did I write these words?"

They seem so far removed, yet at the same time
so hauntingly familiar.

I actually like coming here, the words lift my Spirit.
And I've really needed a little Spirit lifting. Ok, maybe a lot.

Autumn has that same affect on me
and even though we're well into October here...

I'm finally beginning to feel a little Autumn.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Farewell to Winter

Our mountains have a fresh blanket of snow...
Winter's final frolic before his acquiesce.  
The valley is green and alive...
 Awakened by the warm breath of Spring.
 Two contrasting worlds...
one bidding adieu
and the other sweet anticipation.
Both beautiful in their own right.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Golden Sunshine

The warmth of the sunshine lifts the hearts 
of all who feel its quiet touch.
Each budding leaf feels its presence 
as do tiny seeds well hidden under layers of moist soil.
It's sunny today, 
and all of my world is happy.
                       ~ Carolyn

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Promise of Spring

"The promise of Spring
is there
beneath this blanket
of snow.
Be patient
tender blossom.
Have hope waiting
bud to bloom.
For Winter's cold breath
will soon fade
and the Dance of Spring
will resume."
                     ~ Carolyn

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Weekend

Saturday, warm and sunny.
Got my hands dirty in the soil, felt oh so good.

Sunday, Sabbath Day, fresh snow and cold.
Sunshine in my soul, feels divine.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let The Glorious Dance Begin!

As the sun begins to shine long enough to warm the earth below,
the buds on my trees and bushes will soon begin to pop
and then their leaves will make their grand appearance.

Seeds now buried beneath snow and soil will begin to sprout
and little by little push their way upward toward the warmth of the sun...
and my garden will awake.

It will be as though Mother Nature has cast her magic wand
across the earth.

Let the glorious dance begin!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Chill

Snow and cold...
and a dash of sunshine.

Snow and cold...
and another dash of sunshine.

This pattern repeats
and repeats
and repeats.

I'm waiting for the sun to linger longer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

White Diamonds

Howling winds.
Snowflakes race horizontally well into the night.

Bitter cold.
Windows display a kaleidescope of frost and snow.

Morning peace.
Long rays of sun beams tumble over the mountain top.

White diamonds.
Sprinklings of fairy dust glisten in the morning sun.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunshine and Blue Blue Skies

Sunshine and blue blue skies fill my window.
I look down to see the thermometer... 7° F.

Ahhh. It's gonna be a beautiful day.
Yesterday it was 4° F. when I looked.

We must be a day closer to Spring!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow now paints the browns and grays of Winter
Adding soft and quiet tones to the air.
A quiet stillness that invites pause and reflection.
A perfect Winter morning.
                               ~ Carolyn

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Deep Freeze

Deep freezing cold.

Ice that never melts.
Where do the birds take a sip?

Evergreens darken.
Are they shivering too?

Trees are naked.
What keeps them warm?

All preserved in a state of limbo.
Waiting for the meltdown of Spring.
                    ~ Carolyn

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fresh Year... Fresh Inspiration

I sit at my keyboard in my my upper story office reflecting on what lies ahead. A fresh year... so many desires to change, to do better... to become.

A glance out my picture window brings fresh inspiration. The sun is just beginning to peak through the gray clouds of Winter that have filled our skies for so many days. Sensing this moment will be fleeting, I look back to my keyboard to plunk the letters that will form the words to describe the scene before it is gone.  

My frozen tundra below has come alive with twinkling, sparkling diamonds dancing on the vast expanse of once dull gray snow below.  The frosted evergreen trees seem to wink with thoughts of promise for this new day, for this fresh new year. I hear a bird chirping with delight, surely experiencing the exhilaration of this moment as much as I.

Ahh! It's gone! It can't be, I'm not yet finished! I have more thoughts to surface, more emotions to feel. Don't tease me with such beauty and then leave me so soon. I watch the sky for movement, for a glimmer of hope that the sun will return, allowing the dance to continue, but the clouds have once again drawn over the sun and the magic has disappeared.

"Clouds... move!" My strong will does not affect them. They march to a much higher order than me.  I am left watching, hoping... for my glorious moment to return.


There are those that may think this blog has been abandoned... no posts since June. I suppose that does suggest abandonment. Actually, my desire to contribute to this blog became overshadowed by my love of gardening and joys of family and... life!  Truth be told, my attention has been largely diverted to my gardening blog: This Grandmother's Garden where I have dabbled a bit in writing alongside my gardening. So many good things to choose from.

And yet I do desire to write, to allow my muse to flow freely.  I'm forever thankful to Merrilee who thinks I've abandoned her as well, though I have not. Her creative writing class fueled my desire to succeed, to do what has been in my heart for a lifetime... I've just never given it sufficient time to develop.

This is a Fresh Year, a time for me to gather fresh inspiration... to allow the thoughts deep within me to flow, to form words and paragraphs and stories. Muse... I long to set you freeeeee! Unlike the clouds in my magical moment, I do have control over what I choose.

This Fresh Year, I choose to make some changes around here.

Stay tuned!

Oh and BTW, the sun still hasn't returned...
gonna have to make my own sunshine today.