Thursday, September 19, 2013

California Dreamin' Day Five

Beautiful Day of Rest

I have always found great joy in the Sabbath Day. Even when the kids were small and their Daddy was gone all day being a Bishop or Bishopric member… (which was actually most of my life).  I love the change a day of worship brings to my day… and to me! This Sabbath was no different in that regard. What was different was that our arms were filled with sweet little grandkiddos.  All the world is brighter with little ones in tow.

9:00 church was perfect… always love getting up and going to church... the best way to start a Sunday. The little ones were perfectly reverent during Sacrament Meeting. Especially enjoyed watching Maddie color in my lap. Her technique is to color passionately in long strokes of color filling up each page in a mass of different hues. I watched as she carefully selected each color and wondered what her sweet little mind was thinking as she most definitely had a plan to cover the entire page before moving on. Without words spoken, I selected a green crayon and proceeded to color a small star on the page. I slowly moved the crayon to stay within the lines. I was most interested in watching her eyes follow each stroke. I could sense the light of learning and perhaps a little yearning in her thoughts. After coloring two of the many stars on the page, I gave the crayon to her. Her face lit up as she attempted to duplicate my actions. Not a word was exchanged between the two of us, but it was easy to see that she had learned something new at that very moment… and I had been blessed to be a part of it. She proceeded to color each star on the page with more care and wasn’t at all bothered that the crayon escaped a bit from the lines. What fun it was for this Grandma to see her employ her new found skill to subsequent pages. Her eye was quick to find other patterns to color.

My favorite moment of the morning came as I sat in the back of the Primary room and watched as Breanne dashed over to me with Miles in her arms. She had suddenly realized that I could hold Miles as she led Sharing Time. Usually she and Cason juggle between the two of them as she leads as Primary President and he serves as YM Counselor/Deacon Quorum Advisor/Scoutmaster. Miles and I spent the rest of church bonding.  I actually had two favorite moments… of equal joy was watching as my youngest daughter lead “her class” from the primary room to their classroom. She was asked to teach just as the Primary block began. Not something she felt comfortable accepting, but definitely something she is glad she did. A class of little girls and her niece Aubrey… how much fun that must have been. She ended the class with a photo shoot for instagram. 

The remainder of the day was indeed the perfect day, time to relax and visit, do puzzles and play games. It was Fast Sunday and we broke our fast with a secret recipe of a most delicious  French Toast with Buttermilk syrup that Breanne made for us. Later that night, Cason showed us his skills with grilled chicken sandwiches and grilled corn on the cob. Breanne made a delicious Quinoa Salad and fresh salsa from tomatoes and jalapeno peppers from her garden. We felt like we were in a fancy restaurant with dining on the patio. It was more than delicious.  They could easily open a restaurant.

Prayer, hugs and wet kisses from the girls ended our perfect day of rest. Oh, and a secret photo shoot with those cute girls.  Pics to come later.

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