Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week Three in Review:
Write off the Week that Was

Such a busy week, I just could not get engaged in my story... at all.  

However, I did accomplish much:

Spent an entire day with my 83 year old mother.  No writing this day, but many wonderful words passed between us that may spark my imagination for another day's story.

Watched my youngest daughter sing in her final ninth grade concert... priceless memory!

Drove through the pouring rain for fifty miles to then sit in the pouring rain as I watched my oldest granddaughter play an hour soccer game. I get double points as I also watched my son coach the game.  "Go Coach!"  :)  Drove the fifty miles back home, still in pouring rain.

Planted my garden pots, pruned and fertilized eleven rose bushes, cleaned the floating redbud blossoms from the waterfall and planted a few annuals. Not yet done, but getting closer.

Wrote several (creative?) posts for my garden blog, complete with pictures and resolved that I desperately need a new camera, I do, I do!

Talked for an hour or so with my darling daughter via telephone who lives so far away (sigh) regarding her growing belly...five weeks left before baby girl comes!

Researched and prepared a talk that I delivered in church today.  Word count: 2027
Can this count as reaching my goal for the week? A resounding "Yes!" from the crowd.

And many thanks to Merrilee who wrote the following words that I'm going to live by:

Write off the week that was 
and move on to the week that will be.

Whew! I feel much better now.


AuroraLee said...

You may have had a week off from writing, but it sounds like you definitely had a great week anyway! So many wonderful things and, maybe so many sparks of inspiration!

Unknown said...

I'd be loathe to write off such an awesome week, Carolyn :) You may not have had much time to write, but what an active and fulfilling few days!