Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ice Breaker

I did it.  
I'm done.  
That was a lot of work.
And it took a grundle of time. 
But I'm glad I did it. 
Because now I know.
At least I think I know. 
And you know, too! 

That is,
If you really did it. 
Did you?

I LOVED the discovery aspect of the Ice Breaker.
And taking a peak at each of your blogs.
And discovering a little bit about who my classmates are.  

I'm impressed!
1.    Missing purple?  Try under the trapdoor. Vixen Phillips
2.    English author rapping in the bath?  Umbrella required! Rosalind Adam
3.    Moon across the ocean blue. Where’s the long white cloud? Anna Caro
4.    Who says you have to grow up?  Xenn
5.    Five times I love you.  Aurora Lee
6.    California garden with a foxhound. Yuuko Ichihara
7.    21 + 6 + 5 + 5.  Oh, and a chicken. Kodi Lynn
8.    Considers the lillies, but still a wage-slave to the empire. Sigh.  Meredith Wickman
9.    Lips as red as cherries, hair as blue as…electric? Shoe Skogan
10.    All singing, all writing bird!  I’m so Lost… Kayla
11.    Pigs DO fly!  I told you so. Valerie Sloan
12.    Manchester daisies.  Greener than home? Kerryn Angell
13.    Not in Penzance, the gender’s all wrong, but still!  Raise the Jolly Roger, arrr! Amanda C
14.    Raising goats, joyfully.  Hallelujah! Amber Dawn Weaver
15.    There are thirteen ribs, apparently.  Ashley Nava
16.    Love and stars and hearts and butterflies and swirls!  Najela Cobb
17.    RIP Cooper, dear friend. Karen
18.    Who’s to blame for the rain? Melissa
19.    Living in Melbourne, dreaming of Mars. Nathaniel Robinson
20.    Canada’s in the pink! Chibi Doucet
21.    Siochain’s amulet, 50% off! Davina Pearson
22.    Not a serial killer, but an explorer.  Sarah
23.    Bun in the oven, two kids, no time!  Cassie Hart
24.    Beautiful Jalal.  Linda Cassidy Lewis
25.    Africa?  Australia?  Jicama? Gillian
26.    Japanese poetry, in the popular form.  Alisha
27.    Mother, 8, grandmother, 12, not enough chairs in the garden! Carolyn (that's me!)
28.    Law of Attraction, no magnets here! Janette Dalgliesh
29.    Ngapuhi?  (Gesundheit!) Tamma Wise
30.    I’ve got your contest right here!  Epic?  You bet!  Simon Larter
31.    This is not the Olympics, no matter what the header says.  Nick Enlowe

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