Thursday, February 14, 2013

On My Way to Somewhere

The bright flowers in the old man's basket caught my eye 
as I drove down the busy road on my way to somewhere.

I wanted to stop, to watch this tender act of love unfold, 
but it was a busy, busy day... so much to do, so many deadlines to meet.  

In seconds, 
my heart captured this tender moment, 
and here I am, days later, still reflecting on the scene.

I've played those few seconds over and over again in my mind,
touched by what I saw 
and the feelings it drew from my heart.

Funny how our minds can do that, 
remember as though it's just happening.
And still... I long to stop.

I was trying to stay focused on the road ahead 
as I drove past the old rock walled cemetery.  

I was very much aware that the cemetery was there 
with its carefully placed stones and stately trees lining the perimeter. 

I took a quick glance to my right as I drove by, 
knowing that for whatever reason, 
the view of this landscape brings solace to my soul.

What I saw in those few short seconds 
was far more than I had ever expected.

There... an old man in a wool winter coat and gentleman's hat
walked rather briskly,
his long strides defining his haste to go somewhere. 
His slightly bent frame revealed hands wrapped around handles of a modified walker,
a wire basket attached to the front.

There, in the basket, lay the bright bouquet of fresh flowers, 
a stark contrast to the somber grays and whites of this cold and dreary winter's day.

Instinct whispered to me... slow down 
 as I sensed something quite wonderful happening within my view. 

Mindful of deadlines to meet with cars pressing behind me
on their way to their own somewhere
I did not slow down,
though deep within my heart I wished that I could. 
Perhaps it was better that I did not,
never would I want to intrude on such a private moment.

I can only imagine the portion of this story 
that I did not see:
The old man, intent to reach the grave of his Sweetheart
before the approaching storm, walked briskly. 

The sweet and abiding love they shared... still deep and vibrant within his broken heart,
beckoned him to leave this token of remembrance...
a sweet bouquet of flowers.

Perhaps this was not his first such visit...
my imagination tells me it was not.

The love of his lifetime had passed on...
long before his heart could bear to part with her.

Can two hearts so intertwined ever  bear to part?

My own heart skips with joy 
that I have such a love in my life. 

Still living and breathing, 
he walks with me side by side... sharing my everyday. 

♥  ♥  ♥

Though reason tells me, we too, will part in some distant future,
I know in my heart it will be but for a season.
He's my forever  love...
how sweet will be the reunion.

I wonder if he'll bring me flowers?

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