Sunday, May 20, 2012

Morning in My Gardens

Sitting near my open window I hear
the water's gentle skip down stones of our Waterfall,
the Doves soft coo as they arrive for early morning foraging,
and the Quail's lonely chi-ca-go calling for his mate from the garden's edge.

The Canadian Geese honk in unison
as their perfect V flies swiftly on their way to somewhere,
the orange headed House Finch brightens the air with his sweet melody
and the Meadow Lark officially proclaims "it's once again morning in my gardens."


Stiletto Hottie said...

A picturesque image of a lovely morning in your garden. Having your breakfast here with the gurgling of waters in the background and all those bird sounds must be heavenly.

Carolyn said...

It is lovely. My favorite spot to welcome the day.